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Authenticity, Wrapt

In an era of deep fakes, content theft and plagiarism, Wrapt™ provides an industry solution to millions of content creators, publishers and organizations seeking to protect their creativity.

Content Credentials are rolling out across the internet. Wrapt's Content Provenance platform leverages this technology to help creators around the world to protect their work. 

How does Wrapt work?

Wrapt uses generative AI tools trained on real actors who are paid per video generated using their image and voice.

What does the Creator
community say?

Mia (Designer) - Full Screen_edited_edit

Mia, Designer

"As creators, our work is our livelihood."

Jack, Photographer -  The internet has revolutionized the way we share and distribute our work.

"The internet has revolutionized the way we share and distribute our work."

Jack, Photographer

Alisha (Blogger) - Full Screen_edited.png

"The internet has made it easier for others to steal and misuse my work."

Alisha, Blogger

Jimmy (Videographer) - Full Screen_edited.png

"And now with the proliferation of generative AI tools, we are facing even greater risks to our profession."

Jimmy, Videographer

Our Beta Program is open now. If you're interested in protecting your creativity then sign up for early access.

Content Provenance for Creators

Wrapt™ is a content provenance platform made for its creator community where members can prove ownership while protecting, monetizing and safely distributing their creative assets anywhere online.

Track assets through every stage of the creative process

Wrapt™ technology is built on open standards and principles implemented by the Content Authenticity Initiative and the C2PA coalition for content provenance and authenticity. 


The C2PA standard has been adopted by some of the world’s leading content publishers, device manufacturers and software companies.

C2PA Logo.webp

Wrapt™ is a member of both the Content Authenticity Initiative and the C2PA

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