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Brand is everything

Wrapt protects and insures your client's creative assets by securely tracking how it’s created, shared and published across their business

All you have to do is:


Create an original photo, video or audio asset.


Upload your asset to Wrapt™ to authenticate it and establish its content provenance


Securely share the asset from Wrapt to maintain provenance and usage rights.


It's as simple as

Wrap it, Share it, Track it!

As a management company you can now ensure that your artist, their  publishers, agencies and marketing/social teams etc can share any authenticated assets using Wrapt to track its history and protect and insure each asset across your business activities. 

If someone edits a photo, audio or video asset outside of Wrapt, tracking its authenticity can be impacted.  Wrapt will compare modified assets with an original authenticated version and your teams alerted if the 'new' version is not approved.

Wrapt can also watermark assets published to the internet and social platforms to visually confirm it’s authenticated and can be tracked to the original version.

So how does Wrapt work?

Disinformation fake News.jpeg

So now you can combat disinformation while protecting your client's reputation from fake, AI-generated and malicious content to ensure their brand’s creative assets are securely managed

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